I Don’t Have My Shit Together

I just started a five-week online blog class so I can do this blogging thing well. I don’t want to bore you, my friends. I’d rather inspire, engage, spark life. Anyway, my blogging class is offered by Jen Hatmaker. I don’t know Jen. But I like her. I’ve interacted with some of her writings and thoughts. I like her spirit. I think she’s pretty okay.

Anyway again, Micah J. Murray, the guy who is doing the blog class thing for Jen (I like his cool bald-headed close-cropped eye photo), posted a blog entry that I wanted to pass onto you because it resonated with me. I almost want to apologize here (I said almost) because he says a few little cuss words AND questions how we live out our religion. That’s a lot. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

And oh yeah, I love the $20 tee. Liberating.

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I am a creative nonfiction writer who loves to capture you-can't-make-this-stuff-up-type stories. I believe in life-long learning and growing, in a "Better self. Better world." I value holistic health. My writing reflects these themes.

One thought on “I Don’t Have My Shit Together

  1. let the person that has their shit together throw the first stone and we would All be safe!

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