Life is a Beach

I went to the beach this week to breathe fresh air and soak in its peace and quiet. But like a screaming child in the holiness of a cathedral, an unrelenting jackhammer from nearby construction overpowered the sound of ocean waves. My toes gripped the sand as I tensed from the intrusion.

A mother, father, and newborn baby shared a towel in front of and to my right. The father held an umbrella over his young family, shielding them from the elements. If only it were that easy.

photo 1

The storm creeped in from behind. Dark and threatening, it moved up the beach pushing sand along with it. The family abandoned its post, an umbrella no longer enough.

photo 4

photo 6

I left too, not able to withstand another storm.

photo 7

Published by Debby Kerr-Henry

I am a creative nonfiction writer who loves to capture you-can't-make-this-stuff-up-type stories. I believe in life-long learning and growing, in a "Better self. Better world." I value holistic health. My writing reflects these themes.

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