A Soulful Sojourn


I recently returned from a writing retreat in Old Forge, NY, in the midst of the Adirondacks. I hadn’t experienced this part of our country before. So serene and so beautiful. Nothing like a good ol’ outdoor sabbatical to get your soul moving. I captured this sunrise after hiking up a small mountain with my new friends Susan and Ray. The white stuff that looks like snow is actually fog lingering above the lake.

We paused on top of a rock, looking out at this splendor. And breathed.

image   image


Speaking of breathing, just as breathtaking were the loons. These amazing birds are excellent swimmers, divers, and even fliers. They typically go on land only to mate and incubate eggs. Later, they carry their babies on their backs to keep them warm. What’s most fascinating I think though, is these duck-like birds communicate across the lake waters with their eerie language. We would sit on the dock at night and catch their conversations. Take a listen and experience a piece of my soulful sojourn. Thank you Susan Kranz for your beautiful loon photography.

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I am a creative nonfiction writer who loves to capture you-can't-make-this-stuff-up-type stories. I believe in life-long learning and growing, in a "Better self. Better world." I value holistic health. My writing reflects these themes.

4 thoughts on “A Soulful Sojourn

  1. Thanks Debby for describing a beautiful experience in the Adirondack Mountains. Hoping you will visit the mountains annually.

    1. Hi Susan. Thanks for helping make it a great time. I’ll be in touch. And yes, I hope to revisit the Adirondacks. Not sure about annually as there are oh so many places to go, but I will be back.

  2. Thanks for sharing the beauty and serenity of this corner of the world Debby and Susan! Another destination to add to my travel bucket list.

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