How NOT to be a Tourist

“This is the difference between being a tourist and a pilgrim. A tourist has new experiences, but remains the same person. A pilgrim experiences new places and is transformed by them.” I’m still exploring The Soul of a Pilgrim by Christine Valters Paintner and enjoying every bit, every page, every piece of the journey. According toContinue reading “How NOT to be a Tourist”

3 Poised Perspectives on Life’s Little Leaks

Today I talked to my 96-year-old grandmother on the phone. “Two women were comparing pads over dinner last night,” she said. “One wore Poise. She liked hers. But the other lady’s pads weren’t holding so well. People around here have bad bladders. Most are well padded. Just something that has to be faced I guess.”Continue reading “3 Poised Perspectives on Life’s Little Leaks”

Airplane Repo People and a Reprieve from Myself

I’m fascinated by people’s stories. We all have them. Last night I was steeped in them. My friend, Monica, invited me to Miller’s Ale House to watch the season premiere of Airplane Repo, a reality show airing on the Discovery Channel. Monica is friends with Valerie, the wife of Mike Kennedy, weapons trader, exotic animalContinue reading “Airplane Repo People and a Reprieve from Myself”

Soul of a Pilgrim

I love to read. Currently, I’m enjoying several books. I don’t like reading that way necessarily, but it just happened that way this summer. I’d love to tell you about all my books. Instead, I’ll leave you with this poem from The Soul of a Pilgrim by Christine Valters Painter. (Sorry for the crazy spacing. It’s an annoying WordpressContinue reading “Soul of a Pilgrim”

Amazing Grace

Last night I picked up my son from the airport. His flight arrived at 11:37 p.m., an hour late. He had been in Flagstaff at a high-elevation running camp. (That detail is totally beside the point, but I included it because I think it’s cool). Anyway, after collecting luggage and then eating at Steak ‘n ShakeContinue reading “Amazing Grace”

I Don’t Have My Shit Together

I just started a five-week online blog class so I can do this blogging thing well. I don’t want to bore you, my friends. I’d rather inspire, engage, spark life. Anyway, my blogging class is offered by Jen Hatmaker. I don’t know Jen. But I like her. I’ve interacted with some of her writings andContinue reading “I Don’t Have My Shit Together”

I Found Myself in a Pair of Overalls

I grew up in overalls. Stopped wearing them when I got married. Overalls were frowned upon. A little too country I guess. A couple months ago, I got the urge to wear them again and googled “overalls.” I found multiple sites from stores that actually sold them. Stores like American Eagle, Gap, Nordstrom and ForeverContinue reading “I Found Myself in a Pair of Overalls”

Life in the Edge: “Big Son-of-a-Gun”

In elementary school I was a head higher than the girls in my class and most of the boys. I hated being too tall. I didn’t feel that way around my best friend’s dad though. “How you doin’ you big son-of-gun?” he’d ask. I’d straighten up and answer, “Just fine, you big son-of-a-gun.” I feltContinue reading “Life in the Edge: “Big Son-of-a-Gun””

Life in the Edge: “The Boil Order”

Edgerton was under a boil order when I arrived. A couple water pipes broke after the heavy rains, but they couldn’t be fixed until the water subsided. Until then, everyone was ordered to boil their bacteria. I chose not to drink the water, boiled or not. The boil order was a topic of discussion whenContinue reading “Life in the Edge: “The Boil Order””

Grandmother Takes Flight in Convertible

I am Momentous Living: Alice Huth  March 21, 1911-November 3, 2008 “The first I heard of it,” her son, Trevor, recalled, “she called me in Maryland.” “Can you help me get a new car?” she asked. “Sure,” Trevor said. “What kind of a car do you want?” “I want a convertible,” she answered. “Mom, you’reContinue reading “Grandmother Takes Flight in Convertible”

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