“This class allowed me to understand that being an effective writer is more about the power of our story.”

—LeAnn Shaw

Is Embodiment for you?

Our bodies carry with them a collection of stories that reveal our unique selves. Whether it is a memory of a haircut gone wrong, a finger wearing a ring from a loved one, or breasts that survived cancer, our bodies encapsulate a lifetime of memories. Instead of tackling a lifetime of stories from beginning to end (which can be quite daunting), by using one-word body prompts, participants are guided through the writing of a series of short stories—a more manageable and creative process to begin a forever memoir collection. 

Debby’s class provides students with short-story writing tips, a kickstart to learning how to write a memoir, and an increased sense of self-awareness and self-confidence. The class format challenges any level of writer. No additional materials needed. 

Embodiment Memoir Writing Classes are Perfect for:

  • women who want to capture their stories in a creative, short-story format with the guidance of a writing coach and the support and energy that only a small group of women can provide.
  • a friend, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, teacher, any special female in your life whom you’d love to tell, “Thank you for being you!” A perfect gift.
  • a group of lady friends/family who would like to go through the process of preserving their stories together—sharing, laughing, encouraging. Reserve an Embodiment Class for your group when and where it’s most convenient. Contact Debby directly for group reservations.