awakened my inner writer—LaToya Carey

“I’d like to thank you for hosting this class. My Thursdays over the past four weeks have been refreshing. There’s been such newness discovered and I sense a profound awakening of the writer within. Week after week I’ve been affirmed in the fact that my voice and my story really do matter! I must admit to being a little apprehensive in the beginning about what an “embodiment class” is, was or wasn’t, but I quickly discovered that I wasn’t here by happen chance. I’m sure everyone would agree with me that our authenticity has strengthened our circle and made this such a safe place. It has been a pleasure getting to know and glean from such a diverse group of women and I look forward to our continuation of unveiling another layer of self.”

overcame my self-doubt—Doris Tomljenovich

“After a chance meeting, Debby suggested I join her Embodiment Short-story Memoir Writing Course. I wrestled with should I or not, along with a lot of self-doubt. But I signed up. It has opened a whole new world for me. To be accepted by such a diverse group of women has been overwhelming. It has encouraged me to really face some subjects, and to write about them has been so enlightening.”

supportive environment—Gayle Breuilly

“Debby, I want to thank you for contacting me about your class. I remember telling you it was out of my comfort zone but you are a gifted teacher. You created a relaxed and friendly environment and I felt very comfortable. There was no pressure to perform. Instead, you were very supportive and encouraging. You were well organized, provided great content and resources and even followed up classes with emails. I really feel like I benefited from taking your class. Thank you again.”

captured treasured stories—LeAnn Shaw

“I have always loved to write and Debby’s Embodiment class made me love it even more. This class allowed me to understand that being an effective writer is more about the power of our story. I was able to embrace my authenticity, push through my vulnerability, and tell a story that will become a treasured part of my life. In the middle of a stressful time, this class gave me the added benefits of self-reflection and peace of mind.”

unleashed my writing—Pamela Ramey Tatum

“I hadn’t written much in years and on an impulse, I signed up for Debby Kerr-Henry’s writing course, Embodiment. This course inspired me and rather unleashed me, as I found after just one class that I had to tear myself away from my writing. Debby is soulful and engaging and created a safe environment for us to explore and share our stories. Her course got me back to my writing and helped me feel my way into what I want to write. Whether you are new to writing your stories or wanting renewed inspiration, this class is a gem and you will be thrilled to have experienced her course. I am very much looking forward to the next course with Debby and continuing to write my stories and hear the inspirational stories of other women.”

got new perspective on life—Sonja Jean Craig

“Debby Kerr-Henry’s Embodiment Writing class was a great experience. It gave me a chance to explore writing in a creative and unique way. I was able to achieve self-exploration by focusing and writing about various body parts. I got a new perspective on my life and how it affects my choices now. Debby was a wonderful teacher. She gave us some ideas and techniques for improving our writing. She facilitated a supportive atmosphere for all of us involved. In this way we felt ‘safe’ to share some difficult and personal experiences. I would recommend this class to seasoned writers and beginners as well.”