Signature Talks:

Power of Perseverance and the Importance of Pacing and Pausing.

Through the grief and disbelief of too many losses and challenges in a period of four years, Debby learned how to overcome the heaviness in her days. Through storytelling, discussions, and engaging exercises, participants will leave with relevant and empowering methods to continue forward on their path of purpose.

  • Learn how to do a quick holistic wellness check.
  • Explore 5 perseverance strategies.
  • Discover how pacing and pausing contribute to perseverance.

Winter Park Chamber of Commerce Presentation, July 9, 2019: Rated “extremely satisfied” by audience in the areas of: Topic Relevancy, Speaker Engagement and Effectiveness, Duration of Speaker, and My overall experience with the presentation. Anonymous comment on feedback survey: “I enjoyed the speaker immensely.”

Focus on the Cans, Not the Cannots.

It’s tempting to spend limited time and energy on things in which we have no control versus what is within our control. Through storytelling, purposeful dialogue, and engaging exercises, participants will leave better focused on their cans versus their counterproductive cannots.

Participants will:

  • Discuss the four “cans” and the seven “cannots.”
  • Learn how to conquer big things by doing little things.
  • Identify action items by working through real-life scenarios.