My blog is an imperfect interaction with myself and others. It’s a place that allows me to engage in life as deeply as needed, which can be difficult to do otherwise. Expect to find words about people, travels and troubles, stories that take you high and stories that take you deep. Stories that make you laugh, cry, and think. Expect books, wellness, and life in the edge. Expect to find value in day-to-day stuff. My blog is meant for those who dare to breathe in life’s craziness, the present, the divine. Beneath and beyond that, what you discover is up to you.

About the Blogger
I live a crazy out-of-control good life. Simple, soulful, and a bit edgy. Just like I like.

And I like much.

Laughing and breathing, afternoon naps, Reese’s and beaches. Bare feet. Bare truth. Bare something.

I often get lost in meaningful books. I often find meaning in getting lost.

I eat Brussels sprouts and spinach. I jog, bike, and sometimes do yoga. I pray to lighten my load and I pray for guidance along my way. My sacred moments include vulnerability, stumbles, and imperfection, as well as strength and dogged determination. I appreciate all kinds of people, all kinds of food and music, and all kinds of places—both here and there.

For Whom I Blog
I write for those who travel within themselves and far beyond,
who face the known and what is in their control,
who face the unknown and what is out of their control.
I write for those who smile, laugh, and cry,
for those who are sensitive and vulnerable,
for those who give and receive.
I write for those who value this crazy amazing world,
its crazy amazing people, their crazy amazing selves.
Strong. Beautiful. Bold.
I write for you,
and I write for me. 

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