Debby excels at writing creative and informative nonfiction–anything soulful, all things momentous. More specifically:

  • empowerment
  • memoirs
  • human interest
  • wellness
  • public awareness
  • company bios (the who behind the what)

She is most passionate about writing assignments/projects regarding women’s issues, family matters, preventive and holistic health, and social change.

Her inquisitive nature and empathic sense get to the heart of questions like: Who is this person/company? What is it about them that is so unique? Why should anyone care about this story?

She also loves to write informative pieces that increase pubic awareness of important issues, as she believes education equals power. Candy Lightner, founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), used her voice back in the ’80s to create positive change regarding driving under the influence. Debby can easily sink her teeth into these types of assignments.

As she likes to say, “I find the heartbeat, then I put words to it.”

General Rates

$40/hour for writing assignments that require research, interviews, and time beyond the actual writing.

.25/word for straightforward writing assignments. Note: one double-spaced page using 12-point font typically averages 250 words.

To discuss your writing needs, contact Debby.

Tell someone, “Thank you for being you.”

Do you have a loved one whose story needs preserving? If so, then why not capture their essence with a “thank you for being you” short-story gift? Stories could highlight a main event or happening, overall spirit, or a specific tale. All stories will include a list of descriptives. For example…

A woman of strength and courage. Patient and kind. Smiling and loving state of mind. Doting, funny, fully a grandmother. Intelligent. Beautiful. Astute and wise. Worthy woman. Always alive.

Rate: $100 for short-story memoir (500-1,000 words) with list of descriptives. Includes interviewing and final editing.

“Thank you for being you,” Gift Certificate


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