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Momentous Living is a contemplative memoir that suggests a better world begins with a better self. This mindset acknowledges the hardness in overcoming hard stuff, but believes there’s much to learn along the way. Momentous Living explores words that are not so black and white, words like divorce and dignity; religion, respect, and peace; community and communication; believing, breathing, and dreaming. Through 12 contemplations, black-and-white photography, and engaging graphic design, Momentous Living re-shapes difficult matters into fresh narratives that transcend narrow interpretations of how life “should” be. A resource for anyone who supports self-advocacy for the betterment of all.

Contemplation #1: Meditation, remembering to breathe.

Contemplation #2: Lost, navigating winding paths.

Contemplation #3: Dignity, the center of self.

Contemplation #4: Religion, examining taboo topics.

Contemplation #5: Life, one step at a time.

Contemplation #6: Vulnerability, naked and unashamed.

Contemplation #7: Believing, the sacredness of self-care.

Contemplation #8: Community, doing life with others.

Contemplation #9: Voice, the courage to converse.

Contemplation #10: Shifting, peace in the middle seat.

Contemplation #11: Vision, pursuing our dreams.

Contemplation #12: Expansion, exploring, learning, growing.