I Wonder…

I recently watched Crown Heights, a drama based on the true story of Colin Warner who was convicted of a murder he did not commit, resulting in 21 years behind bars, 21 years of horrific injustice, 21 years of a changed life. The story is also (and equally) about his best friend, Carl King, whoContinue reading “I Wonder…”

Welcome to February

February and valentines are like Bonnie and Clyde. For better or worse, they go hand-in-hand, ‘til death do them part. As clichéd as this partnership is, I must give proper attention to it if I want to truly engage in February. Dr. Ruth Westheimer, “The Sex Doctor” Like most I suspect, I wasn’t trained inContinue reading “Welcome to February”

Falling Upward

It’s officially fall, so what better time than now, to “fall upward.” This is the title of a Richard Rohr book I’m reading. I highlighted nearly everything in it. I plan to host a book study to dig further into his words. But for today, here are a few colorful nuggets to ponder: *** FarContinue reading “Falling Upward”

Words to Live By

I pay attention to words more than ever. Not because I know them well. On the contrary. But because little words trip us up in big ways.  Take the word “fence” for example. I once used this word in a story, only to confuse a fellow writer. She, having grown up in New York City,Continue reading “Words to Live By”

Respect and Interdependency

Photo by my good friend Vern Seward, who’s on his way to Namibia to fulfill a two-year commitment with the Peace Corps.  I’ve been pondering a couple words from my Momentous Living book chapter, “Village: doing life with others.” These two words—respect and interdependency—encompass important stuff that has to do with relationships and community. RespectContinue reading “Respect and Interdependency”

The Center of Self: a place of dignity

Excerpt from the book I’m working on: Momentous Health, shaping a better world through a better self. Due out October 2016. This passage gives a glimpse into my trip to La Paz, Honduras over Thanksgiving 2013, where I visited the Children of Love Foundation. A line meandered down the dirt road outside the chapel. LittleContinue reading “The Center of Self: a place of dignity”

Living a Life of Dignity

I like to run, but not a lot. Enough to release stress, hang out with friends, and sort through life’s challenges. By the end of my runs, life seems better. More manageable. This year my running plan is to finish my book. That will be my marathon. And . . . it will be .Continue reading “Living a Life of Dignity”