Small Town Hospitality: Edgerton, MO

So here’s another story I found in my draft archives. Apparently I never posted it for anyone to see. I thought it was worthy enough though, to send out to my little piece of the World Wide Web, considering what happened to me yesterday. When I graduated from high school back in the ’80s, IContinue reading “Small Town Hospitality: Edgerton, MO”

Got Bread? Hurricane Matthew would like to think not.

Question: What do you do when you know you’re about to be punched in the gut, but you can’t get out of the way? Answer: You go to the store and buy bread. That’s what I did today after waiting and watching Hurricane Matthew all week slowly approach my State, leaving devastation in its rainy,Continue reading “Got Bread? Hurricane Matthew would like to think not.”

I Found Myself in a Pair of Overalls

I grew up in overalls. Stopped wearing them when I got married. Overalls were frowned upon. A little too country I guess. A couple months ago, I got the urge to wear them again and googled “overalls.” I found multiple sites from stores that actually sold them. Stores like American Eagle, Gap, Nordstrom and ForeverContinue reading “I Found Myself in a Pair of Overalls”

Life in the Edge: “God Bless the USA”

I’m slow on my reporting this week because I have to search for wifi. Typically, I’m happy to disconnect. But when you just started blogging, it’s nice to have access to the world beyond Edgerton. Anyway, if you recall, the Round Table is the sacred table at Harmer’s Café where the locals sit and BS.Continue reading “Life in the Edge: “God Bless the USA””

Life in the Edge: “Big Son-of-a-Gun”

In elementary school I was a head higher than the girls in my class and most of the boys. I hated being too tall. I didn’t feel that way around my best friend’s dad though. “How you doin’ you big son-of-gun?” he’d ask. I’d straighten up and answer, “Just fine, you big son-of-a-gun.” I feltContinue reading “Life in the Edge: “Big Son-of-a-Gun””

Life in the Edge: “The Boil Order”

Edgerton was under a boil order when I arrived. A couple water pipes broke after the heavy rains, but they couldn’t be fixed until the water subsided. Until then, everyone was ordered to boil their bacteria. I chose not to drink the water, boiled or not. The boil order was a topic of discussion whenContinue reading “Life in the Edge: “The Boil Order””

Life in the Edge: a glimpse into my hometown, Edgerton, MO

According to the Welcome Brochure published by the Chamber of Commerce,           “the first plat of Edgerton was filed for record on May 29, 1871.” Swain & Mason erected the first store building. Hood Wilkerson operated the first hotel located on Frank Street. And in 1883, Colonel J.C. Nesbitt published Edgerton’sContinue reading “Life in the Edge: a glimpse into my hometown, Edgerton, MO”

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