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My blog is an imperfect interaction with myself and others. It’s a place that allows me to engage in life as deeply as needed, which can be difficult to do otherwise. Expect to find words about people, travels and troubles, stories that take you high and stories that take you deep. Stories that make you laugh, cry, and think. Expect books, wellness, and life in the edge. Expect to find value in day-to-day stuff. My blog is meant for those who dare to breathe in life, the present, the divine. Beneath and beyond that, what you discover is up to you.

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Mental Health Contributes to Overall Wellness

Last week I had a dream that I was flying, like Peter Pan, over water. With me, were two nonsensical child inflatables—a small pink flamingo I somehow secured under my arm and another positioned around my waist. I flew over a small-boat regatta, helping me realize, to my relief, that I was close to land. … Continue reading Mental Health Contributes to Overall Wellness

PMS at Its Best: physical, mental, spiritual health

Debby’s Weekly Contemplation, week one 2022January’s theme: Holistic Health Welcome to my first 2022 post as I kick off a new year’s theme: “Rockin’ Our Rhythm!” To support this momentous mindset, I am devoting January to holistic health, as in physical, mental, spiritual wellness. Or, what I like to refer to as—PMS at its best.  … Continue reading PMS at Its Best: physical, mental, spiritual health

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Here. We. Are.

Here we are again at the endof yet another passage just in timeto reflect and thento begin all over again. Here. We. Are.  I sit in my grandmother’s rocking chair, rocking back and forth, to wrangle my rhythm when it threatens to slip away. This rhythm of who I Am is what keeps me alive, breathing in and out, and … Continue reading Here. We. Are.


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