Debby specializes in personal development presentations where she focuses on exploring, learning, and growing through our stories. Topics revolve around her core “shaping” principles of: Simplicity, Humor, Authenticity, Perseverance, Intentionality, Nourishment, and Grace.

Debby often uses storytelling and contemplative discussions that examine our status quo.

2019 Women of Influence Luncheon, The Alfond Inn, Winter Park, FL
“The Relaunching of a Midlife Mom”

Contact Debby at debkerrhenry@gmail.com to inquire about a tailored talk or one of the presentations listed at the bottom: “Power of Perseverance” and “Focus on the Cans, Not the Cannots.”

The Back Story

Debby credits Toastmasters, an international speaking and leadership organization, with saving her job in her early 20s. Her position with a Dallas-based publishing company required her to teach and public speak. Yikes! She would rather have solved math problems or watch All-star wrestling. Not sure why she accepted the job or probably more importantly why they hired her, she quickly realized she needed to conquer her glossophobia.

Glossophobia doesn’t mean fear of lip gloss, but rather fear of public speaking. The root word of glossophobia derives from the Greek word glossa, meaning tongue.

At any rate, Debby joined Toastmasters International, salvaging her educational trainer job where she taught fundamentals of writing, graphic design, and photography (to name a few topics) to groups of anywhere between 10-500 people. And, drum roll please…Debby not only kept her job, but was promoted the next year.

The Now Story

Thirty years later, Debby is once again active in Toastmasters International, a relevant and life-shaping organization that includes people like Nancy Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation; actor and comedian Tim Allen; and Debbie Fields Rose, founder of Mrs. Fields Cookies

Having earned the Competent speaking level in her 20s, Debby is now working toward Toastmasters’ highest achievement of Distinguished Toastmaster that requires she complete two speaking and leadership paths, as well as a combination of high performance projects and training. Achieving Distinguished Toastmaster is quite an undertaking, commitment, and incredible honor.

Most recently Debby won her area international speech contest with “Oooo la la, Summer 1983.” In her speech, she described her experience as a foreign exchange student in France as an 18-year-old that included topless beaches and bidets, language barriers, and a whole lot of cheese, chocolate croissants and wine. Due to the coronavirus regulations however, Toastmasters cancelled all remaining speech contests, eliminating chances at further advancement. Oooo la la.

A Sampling of Presentation Topics:

Power of Perseverance and the Importance of Pacing and Pausing.

Through the grief and disbelief of too many losses and challenges in a period of four years, Debby learned how to overcome the heaviness in her days. Through storytelling, discussions, and engaging exercises, participants will leave with relevant and empowering methods to continue forward on their path of purpose.

  • Learn how to do a quick holistic wellness check.
  • Explore 5 perseverance strategies.
  • Discover how pacing and pausing contribute to perseverance.

Winter Park Chamber of Commerce Presentation, July 9, 2019: Rated “extremely satisfied” by audience in the areas of: Topic Relevancy, Speaker Engagement and Effectiveness, Duration of Speaker, and My overall experience with the presentation. Anonymous comment on feedback survey: “I enjoyed the speaker immensely.”

Focus on the Cans, Not the Cannots.

It’s easy to spend precious time and energy on things we have no control over versus what is within our control. Through storytelling, a look into psychology, and group interaction, participants will leave better focused on their cans. In addition, with the pairing of purposeful dialogue and repurposed rubbish, participants will receive a custom artful memento created from a recycled can lid.

  • Experience the power in the question: What can I do?
  • Learn how to conquer big things by doing little things.
  • Discuss simple strategies to stay on track.
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