Debby credits Toastmasters with saving her job in her 20s. Now at midlife, she is once again active in this international speaking and leadership organization. Having already earned her Competent Toastmaster, she is now working toward its highest educational achievement of Distinguished Toastmaster, where she is completing two speaking and leadership paths, as well as a combination of high performance projects and training.

Contact Debby at debkerrhenry@gmail.com to inquire about the following presentations and book studies:

Power of Perseverance and the Importance of Pacing and Pausing. Through the grief and disbelief of too many losses and challenges in a period of four years, Debby learned how to overcome the heaviness in her days. Through storytelling, discussions, and engaging exercises, participants will leave with relevant and empowering methods to continue forward on their path of purpose.

  • Learn how to do a quick holistic wellness check.
  • Explore 5 perseverance strategies.
  • Discover how pacing and pausing contribute to perseverance.

Winter Park Chamber of Commerce Presentation, July 9, 2019: Rated “extremely satisfied” by audience in the areas of: Topic Relevancy, Speaker Engagement and Effectiveness, Duration of Speaker, and My overall experience with the presentation. Participant comment on anonymous feedback survey: “I enjoyed the speaker immensely.”


Focus on the Cans, Not the Cannots. We so often spend precious energy on things we have no control over versus what is within our control. Through storytelling, discussions, and time for creating a repurposed momento, participants will not only leave saying: “focus on the cans, not the cannots,” but they’ll start living it. This hands-on presentation is for those creative souls who appreciate the pairing of purposeful dialogue with repurposed rubbish.

  • Experience the power in the question: What can I do?
  • Learn how to conquer big things by doing little things.
  • Create a custom mantra momento out of a can lid.


Momentous Living Book Studies. Debby is available to lead a discussion about any or all of the 12 contemplations explored in her book, Momentous Living. Great excuse for a girlfriend gathering. Formats are endless, but here are some possibilities:

  • Explore topics through a refreshing walk-and-talk.
  • Discuss Contemplation #8: Community, doing life with others, followed by a viewing of the classic movie, Steal Magnolias, referenced in the book.
  • Play Pictionary using relevant words from the book and examine their meaning.
  • Choose one contemplation and dig deep. Study guide provided.
  • Host a wine and cheese event and lead a general discussion of readers’ top three take-aways.
  • Host a 12-week marathon event and deliberate over each contemplation using a provided study guide.


2019 Women of Influence Luncheon, The Alfond Inn, Winter Park, FL
“The Relaunching of a Midlife Mom”

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