Dignity: worthy of honor

As we witness the closure of this season’s magnolia blossoms, I am reminded of one of my favorite movies, Steel Magnolias. The title borrows a term that means both femininity and fortitude, a depiction of its characters and of the word “Dignity,” meaning worthy of honor. I mention Steel Magnolias in my book in “ContemplationContinue reading “Dignity: worthy of honor”

The Attitude Influence, Part 3

Conflict is like having car problems. I don’t think anybody rejoices when their vehicle gets a flat tire, or the engine light flashes, or the GPS doesn’t work. Car problems require time, money, and patience. And so it is with relationships too. Relationships, like cars, require care and maintenance, and sometimes they need time, money,Continue reading “The Attitude Influence, Part 3”

The Attitude Influence, Part 2

I love that LeAnn talks about non-negotiables in her book. I unfortunately figured out my non-negotiables after going through a divorce. I realized after my marriage ended, that I had recognized (during my engagement) qualities in our relationship that I didn’t like. But because there were so many others that I loved and appreciated, I chalked upContinue reading “The Attitude Influence, Part 2”

The Attitude Influence, Part 1

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” —Maya Angelou I recently read The Attitude Influence by LeAnn Shaw. It’s her first book. And it’s good. I can appreciate the process she went through to give life to her thoughts, wisdom, and to her words. She talks about choosing theContinue reading “The Attitude Influence, Part 1”

I Wonder…

I recently watched Crown Heights, a drama based on the true story of Colin Warner who was convicted of a murder he did not commit, resulting in 21 years behind bars, 21 years of horrific injustice, 21 years of a changed life. The story is also (and equally) about his best friend, Carl King, whoContinue reading “I Wonder…”

Falling Upward

It’s officially fall, so what better time than now, to “fall upward.” This is the title of a Richard Rohr book I’m reading. I highlighted nearly everything in it. I plan to host a book study to dig further into his words. But for today, here are a few colorful nuggets to ponder: *** FarContinue reading “Falling Upward”

Purpose in Our Pieces

“This is a powerful place, when we can find purpose in our pieces, in our imperfect lives. It’s a place that I think Pat Conroy portrays beautifully in the movie rendition of his memoir The Water is Wide.” –Momentous Living

After Pounding the Books, I’m Pounding Out My Own Book.

Thank you to everyone who commented on this recent post. I appreciate all your congratulations. Funny thing is, it was buried in my archives as a draft and when I started revamping my blog site this week, I accidentally posted it. So, the truth is, I finished my classes in April and was so soContinue reading “After Pounding the Books, I’m Pounding Out My Own Book.”

Panties in a Wad

When I’m stressed, I organize and clean stuff. I guess it’s my way of getting something in my life under control when other parts are out of control. Organizing energizes me like coffee or exercise or work energizes some of you. This week I’ve been organizing. And I mean organizing: bedroom furniture, bedroom closet, hallContinue reading “Panties in a Wad”

Crap-your-pants Chances

It’s been a while since I have blogged. Life tends to get in my way. But then, that’s life. Much has been going on though, and so I wanted to update everyone on one of those happenings: my upcoming book. Yes, it’s still happening. The copy is almost done, more critiquing and editing is soon toContinue reading “Crap-your-pants Chances”

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