Debby Kerr-Henry

By profession, I am a creative nonfiction writer, speaker, author, and memoir coach, but mostly because I can’t help it. Life and its many people offer stories too intriguing to ignore–yours, mine, ours. These stories are powerful to me and somehow add meaning to this spinning ball of a world we call home. In my perfect space, I like to travel off the beaten path, stay active, and get lost in meaningful books and experiences. I appreciate good food, good challenges, and the goodness of mermaids (they live deeply). Back in the day, I earned an undergraduate degree in English/Journalism.

“As a woman, it has been challenging to find my rhythm, my balance, my peaceful place
as I considered my roles in society and in my home, and probably even more so within myself,
just like I suspect it can be difficult for men to be strong and masculine,
yet also gentle and emotionally aware.”

–page 7, Momentous Living BY DEBBY KERR-HENRY