Debby Kerr-Henry

“As a woman, it has been challenging to find my rhythm, my balance, my peaceful place as I considered my roles in society and in my home, and probably even more so within myself, just like I suspect it can be difficult for men to be strong and masculine, yet also gentle and emotionally aware.”

–page 7, Momentous Living BY DEBBY KERR-HENRY


Photo of Debby Kerr-Henry, founder of Momentous Living.

Debby Kerr-Henry is a creative nonfiction writer, introspective speaker, and often by default leader. Her themes revolve around life and its many people. Debby’s peaceful place consists of meaningful relationships; books, fitness, and good food; traveling off the beaten path; and mermaids—they live deeply. Back in the day, Debby earned her bachelor’s degree in English/Journalism. 

And if you want to know more:
Debby doesn’t view herself as an expert at anything really except striving to be herself while empowering others to do the same. Her rhythm resonates deeply with the swirling of both dark and light. Like a musical arrangement that goes high and low, soft and loud, fast and slow, Debby believes in the wholeness and fullness of life. 

She perseveres, triumphs, struggles, and trips. 
She’s inquisitive. Wants the best. Always. And sometimes sinks in the sorrows of too much. 
Debby can’t help but see, hear, and feel stories everywhere.
And can’t help but engage with as many as possible to then release them back into the wild, in hopes of contributing to a better world by way of a better, more secure, self.