How to Dig Yourself Out of a Hole

A true story with a few fuzzy details. July’s Contemplation: Keeping Cool in a Heated WorldMonthly Post #2 This week, for the first time ever, I used 4-wheel drive.  My moxie friend and I drove the family Wrangler to the beach and proceeded to bury its tires in the sand. I knew this bad assContinue reading “How to Dig Yourself Out of a Hole”

Life is a Beach

I went to the beach this week to breathe fresh air and soak in its peace and quiet. But like a screaming child in the holiness of a cathedral, an unrelenting jackhammer from nearby construction overpowered the sound of ocean waves. My toes gripped the sand as I tensed from the intrusion. A mother, father, and newborn baby shared aContinue reading “Life is a Beach”

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