The past two weeks I took a detour from my body image posts to give attention to Thanksgiving and the loss of a family member. Today’s post continues on the body image theme. I’d love to see you in one of my Embodiment classes beginning in January and February. For more information and to registerContinue reading “Breasts.”

From Shaming our Bodies to Embracing

Blog entry by Sandra B Stanford, LMHC “I’d rather be dead than red on the head” was a chant I heard regularly as a kid growing up in Memphis, Tennessee. “Carrot Top” became an unwelcome nick name. I hated my red hair. As far as I was concerned, it did not serve me well andContinue reading “From Shaming our Bodies to Embracing”

I Looked Hot

I was editing a series of stories with a writer friend when I stopped, put down the story, and commented, “I’ve never felt this way.” I was referring to a line the writer had written about herself that said, “I looked hot.” I stopped on that sentence because I had read something similar from anotherContinue reading “I Looked Hot”

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