Dignity: worthy of honor

As we witness the closure of this season’s magnolia blossoms, I am reminded of one of my favorite movies, Steel Magnolias. The title borrows a term that means both femininity and fortitude, a depiction of its characters and of the word “Dignity,” meaning worthy of honor. I mention Steel Magnolias in my book in “ContemplationContinue reading “Dignity: worthy of honor”

Woman of Dignity: a tribute to my grandmother

Two years ago today, my 99-year-old grandmother passed on. She was one of those women in my life who lifted up and laughed often; someone who brought out the blossoms in me…one, two, three. My grandmother was a woman of Dignity. *** I dedicate this month’s blogging in support of April: Sexual Assault Awareness Month andContinue reading “Woman of Dignity: a tribute to my grandmother”

Purpose in Our Pieces

“This is a powerful place, when we can find purpose in our pieces, in our imperfect lives. It’s a place that I think Pat Conroy portrays beautifully in the movie rendition of his memoir The Water is Wide.” –Momentous Living

The Center of Self: a place of dignity

Excerpt from the book I’m working on: Momentous Health, shaping a better world through a better self. Due out October 2016. This passage gives a glimpse into my trip to La Paz, Honduras over Thanksgiving 2013, where I visited the Children of Love Foundation. A line meandered down the dirt road outside the chapel. LittleContinue reading “The Center of Self: a place of dignity”

Living a Life of Dignity

I like to run, but not a lot. Enough to release stress, hang out with friends, and sort through life’s challenges. By the end of my runs, life seems better. More manageable. This year my running plan is to finish my book. That will be my marathon. And . . . it will be .Continue reading “Living a Life of Dignity”

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