Community: doing life with others

-photo by Dylan Baker WHERE I GREW UP IN THE RURAL MIDWEST, DIY PROJECTS WERE A WAY OF LIFE—ONLY “DO IT YOURSELF” REALLY MEANT “DO IT WITH OTHERS.” So the summer my dad needed to build a barn, he put out the word. And the people came. My dad, who adopted my siblings and me after my mom divorced myContinue reading “Community: doing life with others”

Big Climbs Shape Big Buts

(Photo by Dylan Baker, Winter Park High School senior. One of many photos featured in my upcoming book). It probably appears that I haven’t written much about my road to writing, as discussed in my last blog on Oct. 11. (Has it really been that long? Yikes!) But, I beg to differ. I was andContinue reading “Big Climbs Shape Big Buts”

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