The Perils of Going Braless

  I don’t get to see my 97-year-old grandmother that often. She lives in Missouri. I live in Florida. When I see her though, she makes me laugh. You might remember a few previous blogs about my beautiful grandma. Here’s another one after my son, Jeffrey, and I spent some time with her. Enjoy. ApparentlyContinue reading “The Perils of Going Braless”

3 Poised Perspectives on Life’s Little Leaks

Today I talked to my 96-year-old grandmother on the phone. “Two women were comparing pads over dinner last night,” she said. “One wore Poise. She liked hers. But the other lady’s pads weren’t holding so well. People around here have bad bladders. Most are well padded. Just something that has to be faced I guess.”Continue reading “3 Poised Perspectives on Life’s Little Leaks”

Grandmother Takes Flight in Convertible

I am Momentous Living: Alice Huth  March 21, 1911-November 3, 2008 “The first I heard of it,” her son, Trevor, recalled, “she called me in Maryland.” “Can you help me get a new car?” she asked. “Sure,” Trevor said. “What kind of a car do you want?” “I want a convertible,” she answered. “Mom, you’reContinue reading “Grandmother Takes Flight in Convertible”

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