Orange Candy and A Very Cute Puppy

I just got back from Kansas City and worked three days with the talented folks at Springboard Creative who are overseeing the graphic design of my book. I had a great time hanging out with Young Kevin (on the left), Miranda with baby Ollie, and Old Kevin (on the right). I can call Old KevinContinue reading “Orange Candy and A Very Cute Puppy”

Crap-your-pants Chances

It’s been a while since I have blogged. Life tends to get in my¬†way. But then, that’s life. Much has been going on though, and so I wanted to update everyone on one of those happenings: my upcoming book. Yes, it’s still happening. The copy is almost done, more critiquing and editing is soon toContinue reading “Crap-your-pants Chances”

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