Writing Happens in our Real and Rancid Hallelujahs!

Just another day of writing in the Hallelujahs of life.

Big Climbs Shape Big Buts

(Photo by Dylan Baker, Winter Park High School senior. One of many photos featured in my upcoming book). It probably appears that I haven’t written much about my road to writing, as discussed in my last blog on Oct. 11. (Has it really been that long? Yikes!) But, I beg to differ. I was andContinue reading “Big Climbs Shape Big Buts”

Crap-your-pants Chances

It’s been a while since I have blogged. Life tends to get in my way. But then, that’s life. Much has been going on though, and so I wanted to update everyone on one of those happenings: my upcoming book. Yes, it’s still happening. The copy is almost done, more critiquing and editing is soon toContinue reading “Crap-your-pants Chances”

A Soulful Sojourn

I recently returned from a writing retreat in Old Forge, NY, in the midst of the Adirondacks. I hadn’t experienced this part of our country before. So serene and so beautiful. Nothing like a good ol’ outdoor sabbatical to get your soul moving. I captured this sunrise after hiking up a small mountain with my newContinue reading “A Soulful Sojourn”

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