I Don’t Have My Shit Together

I just started a five-week online blog class so I can do this blogging thing well. I don’t want to bore you, my friends. I’d rather inspire, engage, spark life. Anyway, my blogging class is offered by Jen Hatmaker. I don’t know Jen. But I like her. I’ve interacted with some of her writings and thoughts. I like her spirit. I think she’s pretty okay.

Anyway again, Micah J. Murray, the guy who is doing the blog class thing for Jen (I like his cool bald-headed close-cropped eye photo), posted a blog entry that I wanted to pass onto you because it resonated with me. I almost want to apologize here (I said almost) because he says a few little cuss words AND questions how we live out our religion. That’s a lot. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

And oh yeah, I love the $20 tee. Liberating.

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