Motherhood, Sex, Pets and One Helluva Jewelry Party

So here’s the deal. I’ve been taking this online blogging class and learning about how to be the best blogger, but feeling like I don’t really give a rip about how to be the best blogger. I just want to blog because I like to blog. Translation: I love to write about life.

Case in point. I attended a jewelry party tonight. You know what I’m talking about. One of your good friends invites you to gather for a party, but you know you need to buy jewelry if you go. I’m not a big jewelry person. In fact, I’m okay wearing my necklace I made from a broken shell I found in North Carolina this summer. Anyway, so you go to this party and buy stuff you may or may not want. In my case I found some cool stuff, even for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry. Thank you Michelle for inviting me. I really had a great time.

But, that’s still not my point. My point is this: jewelry parties, 50 Shades of Gray parties (now that’s an entirely different blog), Tupperware parties, it doesn’t matter. Parties—no matter the reason—are an opportunity for women to gather. And any opportunity for women to gather is an opportunity for blogging.

There were a number of younger moms at this party tonight, reminding me of the craziness that goes along with chauffeuring children to and from multiple activities in hopes of giving them an upper hand in life, the best possible upper hand–doing homework in the car, returning home by 8 pm, and mastering how to make pork chops and noodles in seven minutes because that’s all the time you have to ponder, prepare, and serve dinner. I get it.

And contemplating whether or not one should fundraise for the millionth time at their kids’ school so their already-privileged kids will not have to experience doing without. It’s a genuine struggle deciding whether or not one should serve. I get this too.

And then how about the stories of all the moms who caved to welcoming pets into their home even though they were way over their heads just caring for their kids. “We’ll take care of them mom!” Yeah right. After carnival goldfish that refuse to die, rescue dogs that are rushed to the emergency vet (I didn’t know there was such a thing), and bearded dragon lizards that finally are donated to the Orlando Science Center (and thank God because they weren’t two girls after all, but a girl and a boy, ripe with way too many babies), pets are just another topic at a jewelry-gathering party.

And then, “why do boys have to step on lizards? I’ll never get that.”

“Oh, my son doesn’t do that. That’s my daughter.”

And secrets are revealed like “wine is better than therapy,” but that wasn’t really a secret. This generation of moms has that down. I’m a slow learner. I figured that out way too late. And “if I were to ever lose my husband, I wouldn’t marry again. I’m perfectly fine by myself. I’ve done the kid thing. I don’t need a man. I would look forward to a good night’s rest.”

“Yeah, but what about sex? Wouldn’t you miss that?”

“That’s what my husband asked me. You need to go talk to . . . (well, I won’t tell who, but apparently she knows how to take care of that problem).

And then there are the discussions about extending help to the homeless after lessons discussed at a previous Bible/group/girls/what-the-heck gathering. We never did figure out what to call that get-together, but it spawned deep discussions about whether or not one should help those who are less fortunate.

“Maybe they should just get a job.”

“Maybe we should just help and not be concerned about the outcome, but rather just extend grace and move along.”

And then there was the mom grieving a divorce and the other one right there with her. Talking, helping, joining together in life’s struggles like all the crazy ladies in Steel Magnolias. (If you haven’t seen that movie, or maybe not for a while, it’s worth seeing. Women, living life together despite all their struggles, and they had many).

I especially liked the admission of wearing pjs and not even brushing teeth before dropping off kids at school.

“See you later kids. Have a great day. (I’m going home and sipping coffee in my pjs, maybe even all day).”

All the while, in these discussions about motherhood, pets, sex, homelessness, relationships, and a myriad of other lively topics, jewelry was being sold.

Thanks Michelle for an incredible party! I can’t wait to get my necklace and earrings.

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  1. Reading your blog and realizing how great it is when someone is doing something they love. Glad you are blogging and finding meaning in that process. It’s good for the soul, right?

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