A Mind-boggling List of What’s on Everyone’s Minds

I sent this question through email and Facebook:

If you had your own personal reporter who would research and write about any topic/word/thought you’re dying to discuss or know more about, serious or not-so-serious, what would those topics/words/thoughts be? I thought I’d receive a lot of the same topics/words/thoughts. I was wrong. You people have a lot on your minds. I hope to address some of these topics in my blog. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, check out the mind-boggling list (and please add to it in the comments if you’d like):

-Words: integrity, character, temptation, love, blessing, friendly fun, humility, racism, vanity, epic.

-Do we really know what is right and what is wrong? Or is it just what our community, family, etc. find is acceptable?

-Choose a topic in history and look at what was taught about it to our parents, what we were taught, and then what our kids are being taught.

-What does it look like to live “fully alive”?

-What are women really afraid of?

-I would love to know about organic/GMOs and that entire mess.

-Should I be growing my own fruits and vegetables?

-Am I killing my kids since I’m not buying organic?

-Is the ground water so polluted and the spray from above everywhere? We just cannot avoid it? Or is this just all hype like 99% of the other media-driven stuff?

-What is a balanced lifestyle: moderation vs. extreme?

-How much time is too much for iPads and kids?

-Friendships at 40. How things change with your friends.

-How to purposefully make more time for God.

-How to put your husband first.

-Doable first steps, for starting and growing a small business utilizing Twitter, Facebook, and blogging.

-Brain neuroscience and neuropathy. How to change behaviors by understanding how to rewire neuro-pathways.

-How to get the best deal for college books.

-What a person learned from going through a divorce and how it changed him/her.

-How to live rent-free for two years with a teenager.

-Self-identity as it pertains to sexual orientation.

-Weekend destinations and/or same day destinations.

-Healthy baking.

-Do-it-yourself projects (inside and outside).

-Starting a small business.

-Jesus as a child.

-Did Ben Affleck really cheat on Jen Garner with the nanny?

-Would like to know more about my grandparents.

-Citrus greening.

-Long-term impact of gay marriage on the health of our society.

-Impacts of gay couple parenting: development, sexual identify, success in school, life, emotional/mental health.

-A brief history of Orlando’s attempts at culture, food, and arts. What has worked in the past 10 years. What hasn’t worked. Why or why not?

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