The Mother not Fit for Facebook



I snapped this photo on a day that interrupted heaviness. A reprieve from parenting through stuff not worthy of Facebook postings. Heart-wrenching stuff that joins moms together–fighting, crying, embracing, walking through dark and cloudy stuff too real to shout to the world.

This was a day I rejoiced. A day of hope. A day I will forever remember. A day I shared only with those who understood the magnitude of the light, for they had experienced the dark.

They understood my day of hope and could be in it with me. Fully. Seeing the light amidst the clouds. And knowing one day of hope is worthy of stopping and saying “Thank you God” for this day, for this moment, for this light.

Today, on Mother’s Day, I share my light with all you mothers who are feeling the heaviness of parenting. Your days are worthy. Your children are worthy. You are worthy of this day.

Happy’s Mother’s Day.





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