Panties in a Wad

When I’m stressed, I organize and clean stuff. I guess it’s my way of getting something in my life under control when other parts are out of control. Organizing energizes me like coffee or exercise or work energizes some of you.

This week I’ve been organizing. And I mean organizing: bedroom furniture, bedroom closet, hall closet, office, computer files, hospitality suite, drawers, bathroom cabinet. Needless to say, I’ve been a little stressed.

So, I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to discover a couple very cool sites about organizing:

  1. “The Ultimate Closet Cleanse” (that title alone makes me feel better). This Stitch Fix site has an easy-to-follow flow chart on how to determine whether or not you should keep something.
  2. “The Life-changing Art of Tidying Up.” Warning: This site has addictive visuals demonstrating how Marie Kondo, Japanese organizing consultant and author, suggests folding clothes. Before you roll your eyes and take a deep yawn, check it out for yourself. You’ll be amazed and want to show your friends, as I was/am. I can’t tell you what an organized underwear drawer does for one’s psyche.

Alas, after all my organizing, I feel put back together now and ready for the weekend.

Moral: “When your panties get all up in a wad, it’s time to wad up all your panties.”

4 thoughts on “Panties in a Wad

  1. Took a look at the KoniMarie Folding Method. I’m hooked and I don’t even like to organize.

    Interestingly, my own method of folding is similar though my results aren’t nearly as neat and was born from my military training and the need to pack lightly.

    So, all I needed was a few tweaks. I’m gonna play with my modified folding method and offer it up to my fellow Peace Corps Volunteers who, I’m sure, will appreciate it.


    • Hi Vern. I’m glad my wadded panties piece inspired you to better folding and organization. I’m sure that will come in handy throughout your Peace Corps adventures. I really hope to visit next year. Need to check flights and cost. Stay safe.

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