After Pounding the Books, I’m Pounding Out My Own Book.

Thank you to everyone who commented on this recent post. I appreciate all your congratulations. Funny thing is, it was buried in my archives as a draft and when I started revamping my blog site this week, I accidentally posted it. So, the truth is, I finished my classes in April and was so so so excited and thrilled to be finished then. After I realized I posted this post however, and thinking it was past news and not realizing so many of my awesome friends saw it and commented on it, I removed it.

But, here it is again with a photo of my certificate because did I mention, I was/am so so so excited and realized after seeing your posts that, considering all the bad news we’re exposed to, I figure we just can’t celebrate enough good news with family and friends can we? And yes, now that my classes are finished, I am focused on all the work that needs done to publish my book this fall.  Thanks for your encouragement. Means a lot.

Much has happened this week. The biggest thing being: I finished my classes at Daytona State College. Yes!!! I am finished. For those of you who don’t know, I earned a certification in sales, marketing, and service entrepreneurship in an effort to figure out how to turn my writing into a career. I don’t know what it’s like to earn a degree beyond a bachelor’s, but I feel like my little certification was like earning a doctorate’s degree. Not that four classes was anything near that accomplishment, but for me, it felt like it could have been. I decided early on that I didn’t like being in school at age 52. Ugh. So, the thrill of finishing was/is a huge deal.

The second thing that happened is my editor finished the first of two rounds of edits on my book. After her content edit last month where I wound up re-organizing some material, totally re-working one chapter, and adding a final chapter, she then spent this month editing everything: grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity, etc. And…drum roll…my book is in good shape now. I’m working on fixing a few things, as well as the final final chapter before sending it back to her for the last round of edits, at which point it will be ready for Springboard Creative, where we’ll begin the graphic design work.

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