3 Lessons from Irma


I pull analogies from most everything. I figure if I have to experience something hard (another hurricane) or even good (a vacation), I might as well expand as a result of it. So even though my “Three Lessons” came from Irma, I see them as life applicable.

  1. Focus on the facts. Sensationalized media stories, worse-case scenario predictions, and rehashing the play-by-play and day-by-day of what’s happening only add anxiety to an already-stressful situation. Limit updates and discussions (whether it be in person, on the phone, or through other technology) to information that helps with preparation and post-storm recovery, and with only those who contribute to forward movement.
  2. Be prepared, and then some. Whatever is known as smart planning, do it. And then, customize preparation to your ability to withstand a storm––physically and emotionally, your property’s ability, and what reliable authorities recommend regarding your specific situation and location. Fundamentals provide for the masses. We provide for the personal.
  3. Engage in your “better self”. Weathering a storm tests us beyond normalcy. Besides the basics of staying hydrated, eating well, and getting plenty of rest, know what makes your world better. Volunteering, playing a game, or cleaning your closet; watching a comedy, breathing deeply, sitting quietly with nature; or praying, exercising, or reading a book, can all be great strategies to relieving stress and calming your spirit. Self-care is not selfish.

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