The Land of Oblivion

When we enter an airport, something happens. Perhaps the “something” has to do with leaving behind a mundane existence to enter into something more exciting or more important. Regardless of what the “something” is or what is behind the “something,” we enter into the land of oblivion.

You know what I’m talking about. Someone disembarks the airplane and stops. Meanwhile all the other passengers bottleneck behind him/her.

Or you’re trying to walk on one of those moving conveyor floors (which I love!), but travelers with big, bulky luggage trap you behind their immobile bodies. Your speedy pace, which you were quite invigorated by, comes to a sudden and frustrating halt––conveyor belt etiquette clearly ignored.

And you can actually be on a photo shoot at Orlando International Airport, directing photos of your subject, when tourists enter into the photo shoot and ask said subject if she can take photos of them. Not just one photo, but multiple photos from multiple angles. Meanwhile, your hired photographer patiently waits his turn.


Be aware because it attacks when you least expect it, most especially at an airport.

Get the picture?

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