Winter in The Sunshine State ☀️

You know that winter has officially arrived in Florida when the toilet seat is cold.

Yes indeed! I quickly tinkled this morning and then headed to the thermostat. It read 64 degrees (indoors mind you). Time to turn on the heat. 

I was especially excited today for an excuse to sport my furry sandals.

Floridians get befuddled this time of year, not knowing how to dress. It seems we settle into a hodge-podge of sorts, accepting any degree of self-expressed confusion—hats and boots, shorts and sweaters, flip flops and long-sleeved beach tees. And for me, furry sandals. I think our assorted styles stem from the unfounded fact that we all understand this cold snap is indeed just that, a snap. It will quickly pass, and so whatever we choose to wear, it’s only a blip in the bigger scheme of The Sunshine State and thus, we should just weather the temporary weather with whatever can be scrounged. 

This hodge-podge fashion also has to do with northern transplants, snowbirds, and out-of-state vacationers who’ll do anything to catch some rays and thus do weird things like sunbathe when its only in the 50s. Really? Yes, really.

To prove this unproven point, I spontaneously set out today with my snowbird neighbor, Gayle, who tagged along to assist in taking a few pictures. When I asked unsuspecting people who were simply going about their business if I could take their photo and explained why, most laughed as in, “I know what you mean.”

At any rate, I think it’s time The Sunshine State takes its place on the winter map by showing that we too, experience some degree of freeze even if we’re mostly in denial. After all, a cold toilet seat has to count for something. 

Check out some of the folks I bothered today.

Thank you to:

(top right) Gary and Mary Ann, who took a break from walking their more-than-cute dog Buddy. Mary Ann is a Floridian and Gary might as well be, he’s been here long enough.

(bottom right) Heidi with Floyd Skiff, who took some time from her laptop sitting outside Island Roasters Coffee Company to oblige me. She liked my furry sandals. A pleasure meeting you Heidi.  

(center right) Wolfgang, a visiting Canadian (he’s in short sleeves and shorts) who lives on Pelee Island in Lake Erie, where more than half of America’s 50 states lie north (interesting). Wolfgang works at Pelee Island’s 700+-acre winery. How cool is that? (No pun intended).

(bottom left) Dennis, a snowbird trying to get his walk in. Gayle and he chatted about their home state.

(main photo) Kathy, bundled in a blanket, Donna, wearing a New Smyrna Beach sweatshirt and shorts, and Jane lying on the cold sand in a swimsuit. They’re vacationing from Maine. Thank you ladies for chatting on this chilly day. You exemplified the story of Goldie Locks: Too cold, too hot, ahhhh, just right.

And to Gayle, my assistant, who wouldn’t let me take her picture because I drug her out before she had time to fix her hair. Another good reason to wear a woolly hat.

What’s your winter ware?
Leave a comment. I’d ❤️ to hear from you.

Snow photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Winter in The Sunshine State ☀️

  1. Awww what a great little adventure! Sounds like a great day meeting new individuals and sharing parts of a beautiful, cold Florida winter day. 💛🙌🏽🌞 cute sandals 👡 🩴 😍

    • I’m sure your sweaters are back in style now too Sandra. And yes, we get two weeks to strut those boots. Let’s do it!

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