For the Love of 14 Words

As we find ourselves facing yet another new month, I thought I’d end February’s cupidly month by focusing on some of the words I have fallen in love with over my years as a writer. 

  1. Ambivert. Both an introvert and an extravert. This is me. I value time with people and time with myself. I need balance between the two. What are you?
  2. Audacity. As in “Go ahead. Have the audacity…to do something courageously, terrifyingly, wonderfully profound!” 
  3. Coddiwomple. To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination. We all need more coddiwomples. Here’s an exerpt from a short coddiwomple post: “I’ve been reading about ordering, disordering, and reordering. I think coddiwompling has something to do with this. Something to do with unplanned root canals. And something to do with continuing to travel not always knowing the destination.”
  4. Discombobulated. Say this word when you’re all upside down and inside out. Just saying it will make you feel more downside up and outside in. 
  5. Essence. This word is graceful and beautiful and strong. It says, “I am here for you.”
  6. Extemporaneous. This is a word I learned in Toastmasters at Twelve. It means impromptu. We practice extemporaneous speaking, or what we call Tabletopics, in our weekly meetings where we answer all kinds of fun questions. Tabletopics brings laughter and contemplation to our day, week, and beyond. 
  7. Grit. We all need this word. 
  8. Interdependence. See last week’s post about my divorce and reconciliation.
  9. Kerfuffle. You’ll find this word in my Montana farming story, my most read story ever (see below). One of the farmers used this word and got me all in a kerfuffle. 
  10. Momentous. Of great significance especially in its bearing on the future, as in Momentous Living.
  11. Moxie. Who doesn’t love this word? Just saying it makes me happy. Moxie on people! I’ve blogged several times about one of my best friends, Moxie O’Malley. This endearing name sounds like a character in a high adventure series, doesn’t it? We have actually shared a few high adventures. Check out our “Shopping Can Trigger Weight Loss” and “How to Dig Yourself Out of a Hole” stories.
  12. Peanut Butter. As in peanut butter on toast, on pancakes, on a spoon by itself. Yes! I ❤️❤️❤️Peanut Butter. And guess what? March 1 is National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day. Yay! That means we can eat Reese’s to our ❤️’s desire. Have you tried the Reese’s with the pretzels? OMG! I’m just saying. Will you be celebrating peanut butter on March 1 with me?
  13. Robust. My pastor used this word recently. “The problem of pain is a reality. While there are some robust theological answers for it, there is a sense of mystery.” I like this word a lot. Let’s all be robust this year, more muscley and mighty. 
  14. Woddicomple. I made up this word. It’s when you don’t have the time or funds for a full-blown Coddiwomple, so you focus on finding new and exciting things to do in your own community. 

What about you? What words do you love? If you can’t think of any words off the top of your head, start noting fun or unusual or strong words every time you hear one and start your own list. Go ahead. Be audacious.  

Coming up in March: “Collaborative Homemaking”

To welcome Spring into the year (March 20), I thought it would be valuable to exercise some deep cleaning of the word “homemaking.” It’s time this word did some remodeling and embraced its value beyond cooking and cleaning and viewed a home as a place and space that shapes people. We are all Homemakers!


Scrabble tiles photo by Sven Brandsma, Unsplash

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