Living with Loons

Loon photo by my good friend, Susan Kranz.  Just got back from the Adirondacks in Old Forge, NY. I spent the week at David Hazard’s writing Sojourn. It’s so hard to come back from listening to loons––the lake birds that would wake me with their looney conversations. I love getting out of my little world.Continue reading “Living with Loons”

Living a Life of Dignity

I like to run, but not a lot. Enough to release stress, hang out with friends, and sort through life’s challenges. By the end of my runs, life seems better. More manageable. This year my running plan is to finish my book. That will be my marathon. And . . . it will be .Continue reading “Living a Life of Dignity”

A Soulful Sojourn

I recently returned from a writing retreat in Old Forge, NY, in the midst of the Adirondacks. I hadn’t experienced this part of our country before. So serene and so beautiful. Nothing like a good ol’ outdoor sabbatical to get your soul moving. I captured this sunrise after hiking up a small mountain with my newContinue reading “A Soulful Sojourn”

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