Living with Loons


Loon photo by my good friend, Susan Kranz. 

Just got back from the Adirondacks in Old Forge, NY. I spent the week at David Hazard’s writing Sojourn. It’s so hard to come back from listening to loons––the lake birds that would wake me with their looney conversations.

I love getting out of my little world. And entering into another. This past week, I spent time with an amazing group of diverse people, all trying to capture stories, all so different, yet somehow connected. Each of us facing hurdles, whether personal and/or professional. Each of us joining together in the name of our common ground: “I am a writer.”

I lived in the trees this past week. Breathed the fall, pumpkin air. And napped on the dock each afternoon, stretched out in that peace that passeth all understanding. I went with specific objectives in mind. I came home surpassing them.

Although I had hoped to launch my book by Fall, and although it won’t launch until early 2017 now, all is still good.

Very very good.

Stay tuned my looney friends as I’m gearing up for 2017.



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