Awaken Your Mermaid

There’s a mermaid half marathon Nov. 24. I want to run it because it involves mermaids, but I’ve been hem hawing about it. My running has always been inconsistent. I like running. But I don’t. I love signing up for Fun Runs though, and immersing myself in all the positive energy. So when Track ShackContinue reading “Awaken Your Mermaid”

Six Daily Principles I Learned from Finishing a 50K

The year I turned 50, I completed a 50K having never run a marathon. I like to call this experience “my 31 miles of introspection.” It was hard. Daunting. Sweltering hot. I made the decision to conquer this feat to achieve a goal during a season that lacked structure and seemingly no clear direction, whileContinue reading “Six Daily Principles I Learned from Finishing a 50K”

A Most Unusual Benefit to Exercising

My good friend, Siobhan, her funny fast dog Toby (that’s him to the left), and I all went running through Siobhan’s neighborhood in Chuluota the week of Christmas. I hadn’t been running much so it felt good to be outside on a cool morning after much effort to get myself going. We meandered through the streetsContinue reading “A Most Unusual Benefit to Exercising”

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