Awaken Your Mermaid

There’s a mermaid half marathon Nov. 24. I want to run it because it involves mermaids, but I’ve been hem hawing about it. My running has always been inconsistent. I like running. But I don’t.

I love signing up for Fun Runs though, and immersing myself in all the positive energy. So when Track Shack included an 8-week 5K and a 13-week Half Marathon training plan in its latest Start Line publication, I thought, if I am going to conquer the Mermaid Half, then I really should start thinking about training for it. Ugh. That means I have to start running more than my hit-or-miss 20-minute treadmill running in my air conditioned gym. That means I have to sweat. That means this mermaid needs to get her tail moving.

But then I was thinking, why do a mermaid half by myself? It’s time to rally my mermaid troops and swim this thing together. It will be fun. And magical. And deeply invigorating. And those who don’t want to conquer the half, can conquer the Fountain of Youth 5K. We will be in this thing together regardless of the chosen distance.

So here’s my first rally cry. Who’s up for a mermaid run? I might even have a special mermaid logo to plaster on ourselves for such an occasion. And…drum roll please…we can add sparkles!!!

And in case you didn’t know, mermaids remind us that we each have a beautiful free spirit deep within us.

So’s who’s up for swimming…I mean running (or walking if you choose)? Let’s end the year moving our tails and have fun doing it. Let me know if you’re in.

Check out the details here.

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