Exhibition Sneak Peek

My exhibition is three days away! I thought I’d post an overview of the feature stories. Hope you can make it.

Thursday, 5:30-7:30 pm, presentation 6:30, New Smyrna Beach, Springhill Suites.

Saturday, 9:30-11:30 am, presentation 10:30, Winter Park Chamber of Commerce.

Shoshana Ravede proudly wearing her star necklace. Despite having been born with chromosome 16 deletion, a disorder that causes mental and physical delays,
Shoshana perseveres every day, even running 5Ks.
–photo by Dylan Baker

Control: Clark Ketcham

There’s comfort in orderly outcomes where calculated decisions reap desired results, like hard work plus honesty equals some version of the proverbial American Dream. But what happens when control is not an option? When hard work and honesty end with something outside of our control, like a debilitating disease?

Enough: Doris Tomljenovich

When Doris was four, her six-year-old sister died from complications with measles. Doris was close to her older sister, but at that age, she doesn’t necessarily remember grieving. What she does remember is feeling like she no longer was enough, that she couldn’t fill the unfillable hole left from her sister’s passing. Now at eighty-five, Doris’ life has proven to be more than enough. 

Grit: Nicole Cordova 

After aging out of foster care, Nicole was determined not to allow her past to define who she is today and to not fall victim to any of the many discouraging foster care statistics. However, as a young adult and pre-med student, she now understands why the stats are what they are. 

Growth: Vern Seward 

Before the Peace Corps, Vern was adjusting to retirement from Lockheed Martin. He had plenty to do, lots of places to be, and close friends. But something seemed missing.

Life: Alan and Leslie Chambers

How does one stay in a heterosexual marriage in the throes of gay tendencies while remaining grounded in self and interdependence with spouse? And how does one do this with the added pressure of staying the course of a highly public and controversial profession that creates opportunities for faith-based and LGBTQ communities to enter into healthy dialogue? 

Stars: Shoshanna Ravede and family 

Shoshana was born with chromosome 16 deletion, a disorder that causes mental and physical delays. When she joined Girls on the Run, a program that teaches life skills and character development through noncompetitive running, she walked with ankle braces and no more than one mile. Ten weeks later, linking arms with her teammates, she finished the end-of-the-season celebratory 5K, walking 3.1 miles free of braces. Her family has been behind her every step of the way. 

Surrender: Michelle Chira-Carlton

One weekend Michelle spontaneously packed a small suitcase and headed to Orlando International Airport, having no idea of her destination. She unplugged from technology, engaged with people, and walked thirteen miles her first day. It was her intentional practice to plan nothing more than staying present in each moment.

Vision: Bobby Blackmon

When Bobby’s eyesight suddenly left him at age five, he was watching his neighbor’s chickens through the window. Bobby describes that frightening experience as, “The day the chickens disappeared.” Now in his 40s, Bobby is a fulltime motivational speaker, poet, recording artist and author whose message focuses on positive transformation.  

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