More Exhibition Sneak Peeks

My exhibition is now one day away!

Here’s a sneak peek of the Embodiment collection. Hope you can make it.

Thursday, 5:30-7:30 pm, presentation 6:30, New Smyrna Beach, Springhill Suites.

Saturday, 9:30-11:30 am, presentation 10:30, Winter Park Chamber of Commerce.


Embodiment: discovering self through the exposition of body parts

Our bodies, our beings–beautiful, holy, worthy of honor–carry with them a collection of stories that reveal our unique selves. Whether it is a memory of a haircut gone wrong, a finger wearing a ring from a loved one, legs that finished an incredible race, ab flab that marked the birth of a baby or midlife menopause, or breasts that survived cancer; our bodies encapsulate a lifetime of experiences and emotions: happy, sad, laughable, heart-wrenching, empowering. These short stories with images, Illuminate our shades of gray, our depth, our essence. 

Hair: In which a grandmother’s candor influences the decision to go totally natural. 

Head: In which a childhood slumber party allows big heads to prevail, literally and figuratively. 

Eyes: In which lifelong vision problems are examined through different lenses. 

Nose: In which landing the lead in a school production turns out to be anything but an honor. 

Mouth: In which a freak accident sparks a heightened appreciation of the human spirit. 

Breasts: In which implants are augmented by discussion: Does size really matter? 

Heart: In which a simple question traces the origin of stories.

Hands: In which family history is mined from an opal ring and an open palm. 

Legs: In which a life without limbs sends the message to “carry on.” 

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