Looking Forward to September

Well Hello Fall, Falling Upward, and Happy Honey Month

August in Review: Effective Communication—writing and speaking

Post #1: “Where to Find Stories” 
Stories are a matter of the heart.

Bonus Blog: “Happy Book Lovers Day!” 
Featured Books: Momentous Living (but of course) and Crucial Conversations

Post #2: “Writing Happens in our Real and Rancid Hallelujahs!”
Just another day of writing in the Hallelujahs of life (with some help from Leonard Cohen). 

Post #3: “Self-awareness Fosters Healthier Dialogue”
I reserve crucial conversations, those that require commitment, energy, and time, for my inner circle of loved ones and for those professionals with whom I need to keep a good working relationship.

Post #4: “Toastmasters Empowers Through Communication”
As a YMCA employee, Toastmasters founder Ralph Smedley, was in the business of lifting up people, not by offering programs for the sake of programming, but rather to empower people to rise to their potentials by learning how to communicate and lead better.

See you in September!
Starting tomorrow with a local beekeeper.

Honey Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

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