A DEBtalk with a Local Beekeeper

September Contemplation: Well, Hello Fall
Monthly Post #1: A DEBtalk with a Local Beekeeper

To kickstart September and National Honey Month, I thought it would be fun to talk to Michael, a local beekeeper in New Smyrna Beach. I hope to shadow him (not too closely) later this month and videotape him with his bees (Yikes!), and of course share that with you. Admittedly, I like honey, but generally speaking I am naturally drawn to the miracle and peace of wild things, things like bees that produce sweet flowing honey.

But for now, for all you inquiring minds, and while I patiently wait to shadow the beekeeper, here’s a *DEBtalk that answers the following extremely important questions:

  • How old was Michael when he first got stung?
  • How many times has Michael been stung at one time?
  • What color should you NOT wear around bees?
  • Is honey good for allergies, or is that just an urban myth?
  • How well do bees smell? And who smells better, the male or female?
  • How does a Florida beekeeper wind up with honey from 1893?
  • And how much does a bottle of that set you back?
  • Is honey like wine? Does it get better as it ages?
  • What’s better, dark or light honey?
  • Does honey really make a good facial?
  • If honey is good for our face, could we bathe in honey?
  • What does a beekeeper do all day?
  • Why is Spanish Needle Honey spicy?
  • What is the most popular honey at NSB’s Farmer’s Market?
  • What the heck is a proboscis?

DEBtalk Part 1: Michael, a beekeeper at the New Smyrna Beach Farmer’s Market (3:41)
DEBtalk Part 2: Beekeeper Michael (11:42)

*DEBtalk: Relevant (and sometimes not-so-relevant) contemplations about life and its fascinating people, places, and perspectives. Or perhaps, not-so-relevant (and sometimes relevant) contemplations. Either way, DEBtalks highlight the heart of the matter, whatever the heart and the matter happen to be. 

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