I’m Just a Somebody!

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October Contemplation: Self-care is Not Selfish
Monthly Post #1: “I’m Just a Somebody!”

This week I heard someone say, “I’m just a nobody.” Those words stabbed my heart. A nobody? I wondered. The mere fact that we were born means we are all a somebody. What happens to make us believe otherwise? Stuff like this really grips me.

I’m devoting this month, my birthday month, to self-care because I am a somebody. Self-care is not selfish, but rather a healthy way of caring for ourselves, so we can in turn best care for those around us—a way of contributing well to our world.

Better self. Better world.

A while back I read about The Giver and The Taker. I don’t remember now if this concept was in Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, or His Needs, Her Needs, both of which are worthy books; but regardless, the concept stuck with me. Both Givers and Takers live within us as they each help us stay balanced. I always thought “taking” was bad. But if we keep it in check, taking adds to our well being. If we’re always giving, then nothing will be left of us to give. We need deposits just like our bank accounts need deposits to avoid depletion. Makes sense, right?

On that note, I am using October to focus on my health so I can enter into another year focused and well. I started by creating a “31 Days of Self-care” list with another October birthday friend. Some of the highlights from this week were: paddle boarding on my new board, cycling, attending a high school volleyball game to support a friend’s daughter (not to mention I love volleyball), cleaning out my closet and planning a shopping day to purchase a few needed items; and today I gladly deleted my FB and Instagram accounts. I wasn’t active on either one, but today I stepped completely off to support a healthier world, especially for our young people. Social media, almost since its inception, bothered me as I witnessed the strife and comparisons it continually stirred.

My momentous living philosophy supports a simpler world, one that allows space for each of us to best discover ourselves. Too much noise distracts and destroys.

I am also using October to reorganize my business before 2022. More on this later. But for today, in this month of October, remember this: “You are a somebody!”

Take good care.

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