momentous living

Empowering women to live their rhythm
by living their stories.

Shaping a better world through a better self.

Momentous Living is about being
daring enough to travel inside and out,
daring enough to be daring,
daring enough to be,
a better self 
for a better world.

Welcome to Momentous Living. 
It’s a mind, body, heart thing.


Momentous Living was an unplanned birth, conceived from a drunken delusion that life is black and white. The problem occurred when gray matters tested carefully constructed boundaries, creating tension that demanded contemplation.

Imperfect living, breathing
money, health and parenting,
work, politics and religion.
Growing up. Growing old.
Finding time. Finding self.
The only self over which we have any control.

Tackling this tension was tough; but in the end, I chose to write through the emotions of these matters. And somewhere in the process of arranging words on a computer screen, tension transformed into stories that re-shaped difficult matters into fresh narratives transcending black-and-white interpretations of how life “should” be.

My story is about being all we can be; for when we focus on being our best, regardless of what others may or may not be doing, the rest of the world, in spite of us, will naturally be its best too.


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