The Weight of Gold

July’s Contemplation: Keeping Cool in a Heated WorldMonthly Post #3 I love the summer Olympics.  This year however, I haven’t been able to binge watch The Games. And this really bothers me. I feel like I’m missing out on all the running and jumping and swimming that I do through these amazing athletes. Bottom line:Continue reading “The Weight of Gold”

10 Trail Tips for Collaborative Exercise

Although I want to devote much of my April blogging to support Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month, I also want to engage with our current COVID-19 struggle. With today’s blog, I emphasize exercise as being a big part of self-care, a critical component to overcoming any challenge or hardship.  I haveContinue reading “10 Trail Tips for Collaborative Exercise”

Collective Grief and Grit

Listen to Debby read this post by clicking play above. I experienced unemployment in my late ‘20s that forced me to sit with myself longer than I cared to. During this time, I saw a poster that I have never forgotten. It said, “In the silence of not doing, we begin to hear.” My hearingContinue reading “Collective Grief and Grit”

How are You in This New Year?

A few years ago when I was struggling to manage stress, uncertainty, and loss, I found it difficult to answer this question, “How are you?” Some days, some moments, I just wasn’t sure. To help me better identify how I was doing, I drew a stick figure, and based on the following definitions, I assignedContinue reading “How are You in This New Year?”

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