PMS at Its Best: physical, mental, spiritual health

Debby's Weekly Contemplation, week one 2022January's theme: Holistic Health Welcome to my first 2022 post as I kick off a new year's theme: “Rockin’ Our Rhythm!” To support this momentous mindset, I am devoting January to holistic health, as in physical, mental, spiritual wellness. Or, what I like to refer to as—PMS at its best.  … Continue reading PMS at Its Best: physical, mental, spiritual health

Self-awareness Fosters Healthier Dialogue

photo by Gabriela Arp August Contemplation: Effective Communication—writing and speakingAugust Post #3 I’m re-reading a book, a book I think our government should pay every citizen to read—friends, spouses, students; parents, bosses, teachers; co-workers, co-volunteers; and most especially politicians. This book, in my opinion, should not only be implemented into our healthcare plans, but be put … Continue reading Self-awareness Fosters Healthier Dialogue

The Attitude Influence, Part 2

I love that LeAnn talks about non-negotiables in her book. I unfortunately figured out my non-negotiables after going through a divorce. I realized after my marriage ended, that I had recognized (during my engagement) qualities in our relationship that I didn’t like. But because there were so many others that I loved and appreciated, I chalked up … Continue reading The Attitude Influence, Part 2