Self-awareness Fosters Healthier Dialogue

photo by Gabriela Arp August Contemplation: Effective Communication—writing and speakingAugust Post #3 I’m re-reading a book, a book I think our government should pay every citizen to read—friends, spouses, students; parents, bosses, teachers; co-workers, co-volunteers; and most especially politicians. This book, in my opinion, should not only be implemented into our healthcare plans, but be putContinue reading “Self-awareness Fosters Healthier Dialogue”

The Attitude Influence, Part 3

Conflict is like having car problems. I don’t think anybody rejoices when their vehicle gets a flat tire, or the engine light flashes, or the GPS doesn’t work. Car problems require time, money, and patience. And so it is with relationships too. Relationships, like cars, require care and maintenance, and sometimes they need time, money,Continue reading “The Attitude Influence, Part 3”

The Attitude Influence, Part 2

I love that LeAnn talks about non-negotiables in her book. I unfortunately figured out my non-negotiables after going through a divorce. I realized after my marriage ended, that I had recognized (during my engagement) qualities in our relationship that I didn’t like. But because there were so many others that I loved and appreciated, I chalked upContinue reading “The Attitude Influence, Part 2”

The Attitude Influence, Part 1

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” —Maya Angelou I recently read The Attitude Influence by LeAnn Shaw. It’s her first book. And it’s good. I can appreciate the process she went through to give life to her thoughts, wisdom, and to her words. She talks about choosing theContinue reading “The Attitude Influence, Part 1”

Grandmother Takes Flight in Convertible

I am Momentous Living: Alice Huth  March 21, 1911-November 3, 2008 “The first I heard of it,” her son, Trevor, recalled, “she called me in Maryland.” “Can you help me get a new car?” she asked. “Sure,” Trevor said. “What kind of a car do you want?” “I want a convertible,” she answered. “Mom, you’reContinue reading “Grandmother Takes Flight in Convertible”

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