My 30-day Challenge

So, I decided if we are now on a 30-day lock down, that I would make the best of it (focus on the cans, not the cannots) and work through a 30-day challenge, starting today. I decided to focus on four areas: reading, writing, cleaning/organizing, and self-care. Maybe you’d like to join me in your own 30-day challenge. Here’s mine:

Self-care: I love to work out, but my habit of inconsistency doesn’t produce the best results. In fact, it can cause setbacks with increased recovery time, soreness, and injuries that could easily be prevented with a routine (trust me on this). I actually completed several fun runs October through March, and did have fun, but felt a few of them for a few days afterwards from lack of training. Having said that, I plan to add jogging and strength training back in with my cycling this month. Last night I loaded the NikeRunClub app so my sons can now taunt me when I’m being a couch potato. I figured they would provide me with the best accountability. (see January 6 post for a quick self-care assessment).

And finally, reading and writing on a daily basis (I look forward to this); and cleaning/organizing my laptop, office, kitchen and filing cabinets (I look forward to this as well). When life seems a bit unbearable, organizing always lifts my spirits. 

So maybe you’d like to tackle something in the next 30 days too. If so, I’d love to hear what you’re up to. Leave me a comment.  

Looking Ahead: Next week I plan to post my “Dignity” piece, a story I wrote last year, but will release it for the first time in this month of April—Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month. Be looking for that, as well as a Dignity product I’ll be selling to raise money for RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network). 

Please stay tuned.
Please stay well.
And please, stay momentous!

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